Wear Bold Colours This Season

This season we're all about bold colours: emerald greens, vibrant oranges and royal blues are some of our favourites. We have a massive range of colourful outfits to pick from but deciding what suits you can be challenging. I will go through some of our favourite clothes and how best to style them to create your perfect summer fit.


Three Colour Rule

This simple fashion rule is a great way to keep your outfit looking amazing and colourful without going over the top. The rule is to simply not wear more than three colours at once, any more than three colours and the outfit starts to look messy and busy. Pairing blue jeans, a white top and a tan jacket is a perfect example. Those three colours work well together without being distracting to create a clean look. If you add in a red hat and bright yellow shoes then the outfit quickly becomes distracting and messy, some people say black and white don't count towards the rule but I think it often depends on the garment so it's safer to include it. 

Using bold colours is a great way to brighten up your look for summer and sticking to this rule will make sure you look great doing it. Experiment with different colour combinations to find a look that works for you, try a bright blue dress with a red jacket and white heels, or purple trousers with a pink top and a black jacket.

If you want to dial it back a bit then two colour outfits are a great way to show off a statement piece, for example wearing a vibrant top with beige trousers or a colourful skirt with a white top. 


Choosing the Right Colour

People often have favourite colours and we tend to wear them, but knowing what colours do to an outfit and what looks best on you is incredibly important when choosing your style. Lighter colours can help to show off your tan, darker colours tend to be more slimming and bright colours can be used to draw attention towards certain parts of your body and away from others. by pairing vibrant summer colours with a few neutral pieces you can create a smart, eye catching look that shows off your favourite features and lets you feel your best. Experiment with different colours to see how they look on you and how you feel wearing them to find the combinations that suit you best.


We love expressing ourselves through our fashion choices and using bright colours is a great way to show off your personality. Whichever colour suits you best we have gorgeous clothes that will help you brighten up your outfit and stand out from the crowd, check out our store for all the latest additions and find your perfect fit today. 

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