The Classic Culture Collection

It is my great pleasure to announce the launch of our Classic Culture Collection. This collection gives you a curated set of some of our must have winter styles. If you are looking to build a capsule wardrobe this season or if you want to stay on top of the latest trends then this collection is the place for you. In this post, I will talk a bit about what the collection is, who it is for and talk about a few of the styles I have included.

The Collection

The idea for this collection is to give you a quick and easy view of some of our favourite pieces, carefully curated into one place, making this your one stop shop for the best winter fashion. By curating a small selection of styles that all match each other, have a similar fit and can be worn to a range of occasions I have created a place for you to quickly find items that will go perfectly in your capsule wardrobe and can suit any need. I have selected mostly neutral colours for this collection, this is to allow you to find products that will match the rest of your wardrobe and will be versatile styles you can wear in a range of situations. There are a few more colourful pieces included in the collection, these are items that I believe are essentials this season and are a great way for you to make your outfit pop.

Who it's for

This collection is designed to appeal to everyone who's looking to upgrade their wardrobe this season. The selection of neutral colours and classic styles means any piece you find here will be perfect for you. The sizes in this collection cover 8-14, while our website as a whole caters for a much larger range, this collection is designed to be a narrow selection of curated pieces that will appeal to as wide a selection of customers as possible while still matching each other. If you are a fashionista who wants the latest styles, if you are struggling to find classic pieces to upgrade your wardrobe or if you are looking to build a capsule collection to simplify your outfit choices without compromising on style. The Classic Culture Collection is the place for you.

Product Drops

This collection will be regularly updated with our latest styles that match the theme. These updates will be done in the form of drops every 2 weeks and will be announced on social media in advance. Once a drop goes live you'll want to check out the new additions quickly as they could be gone from the collection by the next drop. Make sure you are following our socials so you are kept up to date on our latest launches and get a head start on shopping as soon as new items go live.

The Pieces

I won't go through every Item I've included in the collection, and as they will change regularly this information will be quickly outdated anyway. I want to talk about a few pieces though to give you a better idea of what this collection is about and why things are included.
Beige checker loop knit jumper: This jumper has been included because of its classic style, comfortable feel and relaxed fit. This jumper in this colour pairs well with blue jeans, black trousers or can even just be worn with leggings. This versatility means it is a piece you can wear to work, for relaxing at home, to the shops or to meet friends for casual events. Having versatile pieces like this jumper in your wardrobe makes getting dressed and planning outfits quicker and easier and allows you to always look your best.
Fuchsia Strap dress and cropped jumper set: It may seem a bit strange to include this bright pink set in a collection that is mostly neutral colours but it is here for good reason. Every wardrobe needs some pops of colour to create interesting and unique looks, especially in the winter when so much of the surroundings are grey and boring, a bit of colour will make you stand out. This set is perfect for achieving this because of how the two pieces work together as well as separately. Combined, this set is a flattering outfit that is great for work or smarter events, with a flattering fit on the waist and a relaxed top for a floaty look. Separately the top pairs well with a range of trousers and coats for a bright statement piece that will draw attention to your outfit and has a cute cropped fit that gives a modern look. The dress on its own has a beautiful fit that's comfortable and relaxed while still being smart enough for work or more formal winter events. It too pairs well with different jackets and coats to bring a bright pop of colour to your outfit. The dress can also be worn casually with trainers for a more relaxed look or worn with heels for formal occasions.
These two pieces give a good example of what this collection is about and why things are included: versatility, style and fit are what gets a product into our Classic Culture Collection.
Hopefully, this post has explained a bit about this brand new collection and what its purpose is. If you haven't already then you should look through the products we have available before they're gone and make sure you're following our socials to keep up to date on the latest drops.

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