Magic Trousers

One of our most popular items is our Magic Trousers! 

They come in a variety of patterns and a wide range of colours so there is something to suit any style. Whether you are getting comfy at home or dressing up to go out, we've got you covered.

But why are they called Magic Trousers? Well due to them being made from a stretchy material, they fit all different sizes. These trousers can fit a range of sizes from 8 - 14! This special material allows them to look great on anyone while staying super comfy.

The cropped length and the range of patterns make them ideal for any season. The camouflage trousers are perfect to add some extra style to an outfit, with a plain top and some trainers. The plain trousers are perfect for a more patterned top! We even have some with a gorgeous sparkle side stripe to jazz up your outfit. for those special occasions.

Looking for a more practical outfit? Our combat magic trousers have large side pockets that are not only fashionable but also convenient. For a more summery style we have gorgeous colourful leaf pattern trousers that will look amazing once we can sit out in the sun or go on holiday.Pair our stylish combat magic trousers with a smart top for a stylish but practical outfit.

These versatile trousers work for any look and we have the perfect outfit combos to give you some inspiration. Take a look through our social media to see even more examples of how to style our magic trousers.

   Our black plain magic trousers paired with our 'Queen' logo T-shirt.

Here at Lucy Sparks we love a logo T-shirt and think our silver 'Queen' T-shirt looks perfect with these black magic trousers.

Why not buy a few different pairs to go with every outfit? 

 These our are newest style, sequins! Because who doesn't want to add some sparkle to their outfit!

These trousers are fashionable, comfortable and inclusive of different sizes, no wonder they are our most popular item! We love them just as much as you do so go grab yourself a pair! 

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