Six of the Best Autumn Fashion Trends

With Autumn just around the corner and shops starting to update their stock, now is the best time to plan your style and get ready for the next season. It's been an amazing year for fashion and some strong trends have come out that are sure to stick around through the colder months. With so much of our recent lives dominated by the pandemic and lockdowns, people have turned to bright colours, unusual cuts and nostalgic feelings for their clothes. So many people have suffered that having a wardrobe that brings you joy is so important, especially as the weather starts to get worse and we see less and less sunshine. It won't all be bright colours and 90s fits though, for all the neutral lovers out there we've seen strong trends for plain tank tops as well as maxi skirts this season. These capsule wardrobe staples are a must have this season and allow you to brighten up or stay neutral as you see fit. Here are 6 of my style predictions for this season to help you pick out your perfect AW23 wardrobe and get you ready for the season.


01- The Vest Top

This summer staple is making its way into our autumn wardrobes this year. Being so versatile it is hard to resist having a few of these in your capsule wardrobe, they can pair with skirts, jeans and basically anything else. Then add a jacket, cardigan or an oversized shirt on top depending on the weather for a stylish and flattering fit. As the weather cools even further they make a valuable underlayer that keeps you warm without adding bulk. There are many examples of autumn vest tops ranging from thin and plain to thicker, textured and colourful variants. I would definitely recommend having one or two in neutral colours and maybe a third in something brighter to wear as a statement piece under a neutral jacket.


02- Euphoria and Tiktok

It is impossible to deny the effect social media has on fashion and recently TikTok has stormed into this space delivering content for any style imaginable. With content creators showing off their outfits, style hacks and giving you ideas for any occasion this is a great place to go to learn about fashion. One particular trend I expect to stick around through the Autumn is from the show Euphoria. With bright colours and 90s/00s inspired fits this show has taken social media by storm and as a way to bring joy to your autumn wardrobe, I think it fits perfectly. Adding a few jackets or substituting the cropped tops for jumpers while keeping the low rise trousers, quirky fits and layering. Building from this the pink and purple hues often seen in the show I think will filter into our Autumn fashion. Expect to see lots of fuchsias, hot pinks, lilacs and purples around this year.


03- Cargo Pants

These 90s/00s throwbacks are definitely going to be everywhere this Autumn. In neutral colours they are a must have in your capsule wardrobe and pair well with a huge range of styles, adding a bit of edge to your look without going over the top. In brighter colours they make an amazing statement piece to bring a pop of colour and cheer up your outfit. Both baggy and fitted styles are available to give you a comfortable fit on any figure and fit with your overall aesthetic. These trousers can be paired with boots for a more military look, trainers for a casual/skater style or even heels for a smarter look.


04- Maxi Skirts

This one is perfect for all the minimalist and neutral aesthetic lovers out there. Maxi skirts come in basically any colour, style and pattern imaginable but personally, I love a loose fit pleated skirt in a neutral colour. Add this to your wardrobe and you definitely won't be disappointed, it will pair with anything and give a sophisticated look to your outfit. For those wanting more of an evening look try a tighter fit with a side slit and maybe a brighter colour to really make you stand out. Quirky cuts are going to be everywhere this season so expect to see these skirts come in every shape imaginable.


05- Clothes that Bring Happiness

For different people this means different things, but your wardrobe should always bring you joy. Having spent so much of the past few years under various restrictions this season is a chance to come out swinging with bold colours, unusual fits and nostalgic vibes. Whatever makes you happy and confident you should wear it. There are strong trends towards the 90s and 00s as children from this era are dominating social media but whatever style you feel comes from a happier time for you is one you should embrace. If you have a favourite colour then show it off like never before, there were entire runway collections devoted to head-to-toe fuchsia and this is a style I'm sure will flow into the boutique stores.


06- Abstract Knitwear

Across the board, we are going to be seeing clothes take on more unusual shapes as designers push boundaries and create more exciting styles. Expect lots of asymmetrical hems, cut out designs and unusual necklines. Now is the perfect time to experiment with your style and move away from straight hem jumpers and a plain neck. Play around with different fits and styles to fit something new that flatters your figure, catches attention and shows your stylish side.


Autumn is one of my favourite times for fashion, there is so much opportunity to experiment when you have more layers on. By shopping around for a few of the styles talked about above you can get yourself a trendy Autumn wardrobe that will be the envy of all your friends and allow you to express yourself through your fashion. Build an Autumn capsule wardrobe based on a few smart, timeless, neutral pieces. Then from there, experiment however you see fit with statement pieces. This way you don't have to spend a fortune on complete new outfits and can instead get a few items that will take your style to the next level.

If you liked this article, have any questions or any other predictions for this season I'd love to hear them! Comment below so we can discuss all things AW23. Our new range of Autumn clothing is going live on our website as we speak so make sure you check back regularly to get the latest pieces as soon as they drop.

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